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While booking flights for your next vacation, have you considered taking out travel insurance? Let’s admit it, most of us are unaware of how a travel insurance policy can help in times of need. Likewise, you may not know how you can seek help from an embassy when you face some difficulties internationally.

Holiday Point brings you all types of articles, aiming at helping our readers find all kinds of helpful travel related information, tips and advice, so that your next trip can be fun-filled and hassle-free.

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10 Beautiful Places In New Zealand

Are you thinking of planning your next vacation? Want to go somewhere a little bit different, that has tons of charm and exciting things to do? Then New Zealand is somewhere that you need to tick off your list...

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Top 3 Tips for Travelling to Spain

With around 50 million visitors every year, Spain is the second most popular destination for holidays in the world and for a good reason. From the rich culture, magnificent beaches, wonderful landscape, art and many...

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The Ultimate 1-Year Aussie Road Trip

With its big cities, picturesque coastlines and magical landscapes, Australia is a road-tripper’s delight. But don’t expect to see it all in a week or even a month. For the full Aussie Road Trip experience, take a year...

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Discover Myanmar’s Shan Plateau

Myanmar is one of the most scenic and diverse countries in Southeast Asia. It offers a mix of stunning scenery, vibrant culture and countless must-see monuments. However, the real highlight is the beaming faces of the...

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5 Great Benefits of Owning an RV

Most people spend their lives dreaming about being free to see the world, and while there are countless ways to do it, there’s probably not a better way to do it on your own terms than with an RV – you can visit almost...

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How to Deal with Bites and Stings

The last thing you’ll want to get during your next adventure trip is a bite from a wild, exotic critter. Apart from the discomfort caused by the itching bitten area, a single bite or sting of some insects can also be...

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Top Places You Must See in Amsterdam

Thanks to the Channel Tunnel and Eurostar, Amsterdam is just four and a half hours from St Pancras station in the heart of London.  And for people living in the South East of England, currently KLM flies out from the...

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Facts for Australia Day in 2014

Patriotism comes in many forms. Every country exerts pride and vainglory to different degrees. For sheer vociferousness, the United States of America probably takes the cake (pun intended). Canada is invariably polite...

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The Fascination with Indian Silk

For visitors in India, exploring the silk industry is a fascinating experience. There’s such a diversity of manufacturing styles, colours and products. What’s more, silk is such a luxurious, universally appealing...

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How Embassies Really Help Tourists

Embassies in foreign countries are meant for helping their own citizens who are in trouble. In simple terms, an embassy is your emergency contact when overseas. You can always seek help from your embassy whenever you...

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How to Get Around in Singapore

If there’s one thing you definitely won’t need to organise while in Singapore, it’s a hire car. This isn’t because driving in the city-state is difficult or dangerous; quite the opposite in fact, the high road tolls and...

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The Aches And Pains Of Traveling

Everyone needs a vacation to get away from the stresses of the real world, but what if travelling to your dream destination causes unexplained aches and pains? Unfortunately, the lack of activity and keeping your body...

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