Top 5 Flights By Distance & Time [Infographic]

Do you love to fly? If you’re anything like me the airport and flight is pretty exciting; you’re off to explore a new country and it all starts in the airport lounge and duty-free department! However, some see it as a bit of a chore before their holiday really begins.

How long has your longest flight without a stopover been? Most long haul flights I’ve been on tend to have a stopover after 8 or 9 hours, however, the longest direct flight in the world when it comes to time spent in their air holds the record of a massive 16hour and 55-minute journey! This flight is from Johannesburg to Atlanta. The longest flight by distance is from Sydney to Dallas and is 13,804 kilometres; however, this one takes less time at around 15 hours.

Check out the top 5 flights by distance and time below…

Top 5 Flights By Distance & Time [infographic]
Source: Flight Centre

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