5 Reasons Why Western Australia Should Be On Your Bucketlist

Looking for the best place to go to and unwind? Do you feel the need to de-stress for a while, but haven’t found the perfect spot yet? Then you need to add the Kimberley on top of your bucket list; as this region in Western Australia gives you the experience of a lifetime!

Noted as one of the most precious regions in the world, you’d be surprised by how incredible the wilderness is. And what better way to explore this part of Western Australia than by booking one of the Kimberley 4wd tours?

5 Reasons Why Western Australia Should Be On Your Bucketlist

If there are five reasons why you need to visit Kimberley this year, then it would be the following:

Get the Chance To See The Only Horizontal Falls In The World

Did you know that a horizontal waterfall does exist, and it was named the Horizontal Falls. The only falls in the whole world dubbed as the most unusual natural wonder in Australia. It is a stunning piece paradise that is indeed both stunning and peculiar. The only way to experience this natural phenomenon is by riding a seaplane or cruise.

The aerial view is one that will take your breath away, while the boat ride will give you a thrill like no other.

Learn About the World’s Oldest Living Culture From A Real Aboriginal Guide

If you want a deeper and a more fantastic way of learning how the indigenous people of Australia appreciate the country, then let a native share the stories that surround their culture. They are a one-of-a-kind people who would welcome you with open arms, eager to tell you the story of their people and are excited to show you an adventure like no other.

Get To Know The Argyle Diamond Mine

Did you know that Kimberley houses the world’s largest sole producer of diamonds and the only mine that can produce rare pink diamonds? The excellent tour will give you an insight on how the mine came to be; this is one of the highlights of Kimberley adventures and one of the most talked about spots by tourists and locals alike.

Go Camping On A Beachside Safari At The Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef Coast


5 Reasons Why Western Australia Should Be On Your Bucketlist

If you love camping, then this is one adventure you wouldn’t want to miss. The bush and beach view is not all you can enjoy here, as exploring the Ningaloo Reef is a whole new experience. Over 250 corals and 500 species of fish take residence in this reef, plus the fantastic view that manta rays, orcas, dolphins, humpbacks and whale sharks will leave you begging for more.

Witness The Fantastic Staircase To The Moon

If there is anything magical happening in the Kimberley, one of them would be the Staircase to the Moon. This natural phenomenon is an incredible sight to see, even for the people in the Kimberley who have witnessed it many times already. Due to dramatic tidal changes, the view of the full moon gives a stunning staircase appearance leaving everyone stunned for its beauty.

And there you have it! When in Western Australia, there are lots of things to see, places to visit and activities to experience, and this list is just a few of them. So, what are you waiting for?! Get ready for your best vacation yet, pack your bags and say hello to the Kimberley!

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