Witness Amazing Wildflowers In Perth

Witness Amazing Wildflowers in Perth

If you are one who loves going on an adventure, being surrounded by scenic and breathtaking views, and always wanted to learn more about what Mother Nature has to offer, then this tour is for you.

Perth wildflowers tour is unlike any other. You will get to learn and see for yourself the many different species of wildflowers blooming in this time of the year. It suffices to say that Western Australia is a Wildflower wonderland.

What to do and where to go?

From June to November, you can explore the wilderness and get up close and personal with no less than 12,000 species of wildflowers blooming in the Mid West of Western Australia. With the immense number of different kinds of wildflower here, it’s no wonder why some of these can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

There are lots of places to visit and sights to see – depending on the number of days and time of the year, you’ll get to see how remarkable and spectacular Mother Nature can be.

For one, a handful of National parks are open to tourists from all around the globe. Take the Lesueur National Park for example. This park is home to more than 900 species of stunning wildflowers that will make anyone, especially wildlife photographers, feel giddy as a child.

However, it is best to keep in mind that there are insects all around. It is best to wear insect repellent to keep unwanted bugs and bites from ruining your day.

Aside from the many numbers of trails to walk on and explore, there are also other activities to enjoy. Head on to the Nannup Flower & Garden Festival and enjoy the view of beautiful tulips in full bloom or ride on a cruise in Yardie Creek or Coral Bay. Love wine? Head over to Margaret River for a wine tasting treat. There is lots to do, but so little time.

What not to do?

While on a WildFlower Tour, you go camping, swimming and even gape at the jaw-dropping views that Western Australia’s collection of wildflowers has to offer. But remember, there are don’ts when it comes to this beautiful tour.

Clean as you go and preserve the cleanliness of the area. You can take as many pictures of wildflowers as you want, but no picking of the flowers. Do not pass through private properties and always respect the wilderness.

It is also worth noting that domestic pets are often not allowed in the parks. The reason behind this is to protect the normal flora found in these areas. Also, make sure to follow and stay on the trail to avoid unnecessary incidents.


Get ready for a fun-filled adventure when you go on a wildflower tour. Whether your goal is to capture photos of as many flowers as you can, bask in the magnificent sceneries or learn new knowledge while on holiday ,you can always count on a tour to make your vacation, extra special.

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