5 Reasons To Go On A Kimberley Cruise

5 Reasons to go on a Kimberley Cruise

Ah, the Kimberley – one of world’s most untouched go-to destinations. How can wildlife so beautiful and immaculate be near, yet so far away? The fact that we can still experience the scenic views and untainted wilderness is a miracle and was all made possible thanks to the many different cruises available.

Many can attest that a Kimberley cruise is the one of the best tour options around the world. It is the very reason why the Kimberley rose to fame. The fact we can sail on a luxurious boat to see the many magnificent spots and witness the beauty with our own eyes makes it a far better experience than watching it in our computer screens.

Ever wonder why you shouldn’t miss a cruise trip in the Kimberley? We’ll give you five reasons why.

1. Kimberley is home to some of the world’s most exquisite creatures.

Koalas, Kangaroos, different bird species, giant Goannas, and reptiles, as well as Dingoes, are not the only wildlife you get to find in the Kimberley. Dubbed as the Wildest Shoreline in the World, it’s no wonder why many sea creatures thrive in these waters. Here, you get to see various species of whales, sharks, and dolphins living or migrating in the many bodies of water.

Humpbacks, Southern Right Whales and even Blue Whales grace tourists with their presence in different months of the year. Friendly Humpbacks, Snubfin and Bottlenose dolphins, as wells Orcas and whale sharks, love to party alongside the cruise ships. It’s not every day and indeed not everywhere, that you can have a close encounter with these creatures.

2. Enjoy Instagram-worthy spectacles like no other.

With so many spots to visit, you will never get bored while on the cruise. Historical sites like the ‘Mermaid’ Boab Tree and the crash site of WWII DC3 are a good head start while exploring Montgomery Reef, King George Falls and Vansittart Bay – just some of the highlights of a cruise. From magnificent reefs and ultra-fine beaches, to majestic waterfalls and much more, you won’t get enough of the Kimberley. An eight-day cruise is not enough – not even 12 is enough to thoroughly enjoy and experience just what the place has to offer.

3. Get to travel from one picturesque spot to another without breaking a sweat.

Where else can you stay on a luxurious boat and have a breathtaking view that changes every time you wake up? Every day, you can marvel at the panoramic view without packing and unpacking your bags and changing hotels. It gives you far less hassle while giving you enough time to enjoy your vacation.

4. Experience superb customer service.

Chefs on board can prepare your meals just the way you want. Staff is welcoming, friendly and warm; just like a five-star hotel, and are dedicated to make your stay a memorable one.

5. Cruises are cheaper and more convenient.

Did you know you could be spending a lot more for less when you choose to travel by air or road? From hotel fees to transportation, meals and incidental expenses, these can all be reduced and avoided if you take on a cruise instead. By being smart when travelling, you’ll get better deals at a lower price.

So here five reasons to go on a Kimberley cruise. What’s not to like when you can have the best vacation of your lifetime? Don’t miss the exciting opportunity and book a cruise today!

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