How to Pass Time in an Airport While Waiting For Your Flight

How To Pass Time In An Airport While Waiting For Your Flight
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What’s the worst thing after a delayed, rebooked or cancelled flight? Oh yes, the waiting.

Unless you have your own helicopter and a helipad somewhere or a private jet, waiting will never be an issue for you. However, for the rest of us, we would rather pay extra just to avoid getting stranded at the airport. In cases where you have not option but to wait, how should you kill the time?

Aside from doing crossword puzzles and reading a book, why not think outside the box and try any or a combination of the following:

1. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!

What better way to lose the hours than to doze off right there and then! There are airports such as Vancouver International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport that already sleeping areas and padded chairs where passengers can simply kick it all back and catch some Z’s.

If you are waiting overnight and especially if you are a solo traveler, I suggest that you get a room and sleep comfortably in a bed to keep all your belongings are safe and sound. Airports have tight security that does not tolerate camps in waiting areas.

2. Take time to stroll.

Tired of sitting and bumming around the airport? Work out those hamstrings and take a walk. If the airport is near a city, hail a cab and go for a ride to the city. Stroll around the nearest park and enjoy the sights. Don’t be afraid to explore and squander away the long hours.

This may be the best time to learn interesting things, appreciate other people’s culture, and take pictures of the area.

3. Go on a food trip.

Admit it. Airport food is almost never palate-friendly – except for a very few. This is the perfect time to ditch bland food and explore on the nearest restaurant serving authentic gourmet food. Challenge your palate and go native and classic (if under a tight budget) or you can indulge on a big luxurious meal. Either way, you will not only shred the hours away, you will also enjoy and de-stress your heart and stomach out.

If this is not enough, why not stop at a coffee shop and savor a hot cup of espresso or go to the next dessert shop you can find and indulge in a sweet treat? Make sure though that you don’t upset your stomach while your flight is nearing. That sure won’t be such a pleasant experience.

4. Don’t be afraid to chat with anyone.

Do you feel like your mouth is about to smell like the sewers from all that lack of talking? Why not put on a smile and chat with the first friendly face you meet? This will certainly make your wait less mind-numbing and a lot more unforgettable. Chances are, you will be subjecting yourself to an uninteresting conversation or you will chat the hours away because your company is such a delight.

Either way, waiting is always better when you are waiting with another person.

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