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Top 10 Largest Mosques in the World

Although most of the largest mosques are located in major Islamic countries, many newly built mosques are also found in different countries around the world. These beautiful mosques not only offer a serene environment...

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New Zealand: Home Of The Hobbits

The famous Lord of the Rings trilogy suddenly put New Zealand on top of the travel wish-list of many a movie-fan around the world. However, in their attempts to be eco-conscious, the film-makers made one mistake: they...

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Top 10 Tallest Bridges in the World

Bridge heights can be judged based on two factors: their structural height and their deck height. The structural height refers to the highest vertical distance from the lowest visible point to the upper-most part. The...

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The World’s Most Active Volcanos

There are people who go the extra mile to avoid anything that might take away from the peace and quiet of their vacation. And yes, there are those too who love to do otherwise… like intentionally visiting active volcano...

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