The Fastest & Fiercest Roller Coasters Around the Globe! [Infographic]

Do you have an insatiable need for speed…and an equally-incurable itch for travel? If so, you’ll love the latest infographic from the travel experts at Holiday Point! The adrenaline-packed infographic showcases the top five fastest steel roller coasters from around the world. Go on and have a look at some of these heart-pounding facts….if you dare!

A Space Shuttle reaches a maximum of 3Gs during launch and reentry; the Top Fuel drag-racing world record topped a 4.4-second acceleration rate over a quarter of a mile with 4.2Gs of force, and the Statue of Liberty proudly stands tall at 305 ft. All five of these coasters are so extreme, you’re accelerating faster than a dragster, experiencing more G-Force than an astronaut, and plummeting from heights above the Statue of Liberty!

The Fastest & Fiercest Roller Coasters Around The Globe! [infographic]

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