Ways To Save on Your Next Holiday

Ways To Save On Your Next Holiday
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While it is true that taking a vacation will cost you a fair bit of money, it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you imagine. With some planning and research, you can actually make your next holiday cheaper without having to compromise. Here’s how:

Plan Ahead

Ways To Save On Your Next Holiday
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If you want to spend less in your next trip, be sure to organise it at least three months in advance. This way, you will have enough time to follow all the other tips listed below.


Ways To Save On Your Next Holiday
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Check-in luggage for a flight not only eats up your time and energy (by carrying a huge suitcase in and out the airport), it will also cost you more money.

Pack light clothes that you can mix and match, rather than taking your entire wardrobe with you. Carry-on bags are always the better option.


Ways To Save On Your Next Holiday
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Airfares are usually cheaper when you book a couple of months in advance; the same is true with accommodation. In the same way, tickets bought at the last second usually cost two to three times more.

There are many travel deals scattered throughout the year, so sign-up to airline newsletters or follow them on social media to get notifications about their latest sales and promos.


Ways To Save On Your Next Holiday
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If you intend to spend your next holiday travelling around, you can often choose to spend less on your accommodation (you only really go there to sleep anyway). If you are vacationing with your family or a group of friends, you can try budget hotels or hostel dorms.

These places are often at least three times less expensive than the other options, or if you know anyone in the area, an even better option is to simply stay at their place.


Ways To Save On Your Next Holiday
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Eating in restaurants and expensive diners will definitely cost you a lot, especially when you do it during the entire course of your vacation. The best alternative would be to cook your own food (if your accommodation lets you) or to eat in mid-priced eateries.

You can also carry candy bars and other snacks to satisfy your cravings while out and about.


Ways To Save On Your Next Holiday
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Although renting a car would make your vacation less stressful, this option often costs you a lot of money. Depending on the place, car rental might cost you thousands of dollars; money which you could have just saved or spent on things more worthwhile. So, instead of renting a car, take public transportation instead.

If renting a car cannot be avoided, choose the smallest with the best fuel economy.


Ways To Save On Your Next Holiday
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There’s something about holidays that make people shop more. If you are on vacation, try to avoid places where you will most likely be tempted to shop. Also keep in mind that souvenirs sold in tourist spots are also relatively more expensive than those sold elsewhere.

Have you got any other tips on how to save on a holiday? We’d love to hear them all in the comments below!

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