Top 7 of the Largest Zoos in the World

Zoos are always a big crowd gatherer. Watching and even interacting with animals often bring pleasure and a smile to anyone regardless of their gender or age group. This is why it isn’t a surprise that some zoos today are doing their best to grow and draw-in larger crowds. Of course, the fact that they offer sanctuary for animals is also an added bonus.

Today, some of the largest zoos span more than one hundred acres. They also contain thousands of animals and wildlife species. Animal lovers will find that these zoos worthy of a full day’s visit.

7. Bronx Zoo

Top 7 Of The Largest Zoos In The World
By: Ingrid RichterCC BY 2.0

Location: Bronx, New York
Animals Species: 650 species with 4,000 animals
Land Area: 265 acres

In terms of land area, the Bronx zoo is definitely bigger than the number 1 in this list. The amount of animals and diversity is different, which is why the Bronx Zoo only gets the 7th spot. This particular animal sanctuary boasts many exhibits that even New Yorkers never grow tired of visiting.

Some of their top attractions include the World of Birds, Tiger Mountain, African Plains, Madagascar, Congo Gorilla Forest, Jungle World and more. Opened in 1899, the zoo features a wide array of animals and has contributed to various conversation projects. In fact, the zoo is part of the Wildlife Conservation Society and has been selected as the home of orphaned baby bear cubs in 2010. In 2006, they also accepted a snow leopard cub and incorporated it in their breeding program.

6. San Diego Zoo

Top 7 Of The Largest Zoos In The World
By: AaronCC BY 2.0

Location: San Diego, California
Animals Species: 800 species, with 4,000 animals
Land Area: 100 acres

Established in 1916, the San Diego Zoo was born after the exotic animal’s exhibition ended. Out of all the zoos on the list, the San Diego Zoo is possibly the most comfortable to visit thanks to the warm climate. Most of the animals here enjoy the open air, allowing visitors to see them in an almost perfect replica of their natural habitat.

The zoo is big enough to feature guided tours, using tour buses and gondolas to offer a great view of the area. Some of the exhibits offered in this zoo include the Monkey Trails, Polar Bear Plunge, Gorilla Tropics, Absolute Apes, Clouded Leopard and Tiger River. The San Diego Zoo is also very successful in breeding pandas and offers the Panda Trek exhibit, where visitors can come face to face with these cuddly animals.

5. Moscow Zoo

Top 7 Of The Largest Zoos In The World
By: Mika StetsovskiCC BY 2.0

Location: Moscow, Russia
Animals Species: 927 species with 6,000 animals
Land Area: 53 acres

Opened in 1864, the zoo also participates in animal feeding, breeding and reproduction of endangered species. This zoo was constructed to create a more natural looking environment, hence the addition of streams and waterfalls in different parts. Some of the exhibits you can expect in a zoo include an aviary, aquarium, sea lions, creatures of the night and more. Like the Toronto Zoo, they also offer exhibits especially for the enjoyment of children.

4. Beijing Zoo

Top 7 Of The Largest Zoos In The World
By: liddybitsCC BY 2.0

Location: Beijing, China
Animals Species: 950 species with 14,500 animals
Land Area: 89 acres

Occupying the forth position on the list, the Beijing Zoo is home to many animals native to China. They’re currently caring for rarely seen animals today; including the Giant Panda, South China Tiger, Tibetan gazelle, golden snub-nosed monkey and more.

Visitors of this zoo will find that the animals aren’t the only attraction. During the Ming Dynasty, the zoo grounds were actually part of the imperial manor, hence the varying architecture representing China’s history.

3. Toronto Zoo

Top 7 Of The Largest Zoos In The World
By: Commodore Gandalf Cunningham – CC BY 2.0

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Animals Species: 491 species with 16,000 animals
Land Area: 710 acres

Opened in the year 1974, the now famous Toronto Zoo started off as a simple zoo that slowly expanded. The Toronto Zoo lends a hand in protecting endangered species; including the rescue of polar bears in 2001 and 2003.

The zoo itself is very well-planned with the animals arranged depending on their geographical location. Hence you’ve got exhibits named Euroasia, Australasia, Americas, Africa, Canadian Domain, Indo-Malaya, Tundra Trek and more. The zoo also caters specifically to children, providing educational themes for the younger audience. A Kids Zoo is also offered, so that children can interact with different animals.

This makes the Toronto Zoo a popular destination for many families especially during a summer vacation.

Equal 1st. Henry Doorly Zoo

Top 7 Of The Largest Zoos In The World
By: Jan Tik – CC BY 2.0

Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Animal Species: 962 species with 17,000 animals
Land Area: 130 acres

The Henry Doorly Zoo is equal first on the list; located in the United States and was established in the year 1894. The zoo offers several transportation options, which can help visitors go from one exhibit to another.

Some of their most notable shows include the Desert Dome, Cat Complex, Kingdoms of the Night and the Hubbard Orangutan Forest. This zoo is also home to the largest indoor swamp and glazed geodesic dome in the world.

Equal 1st. Berlin Zoological Garden

Top 7 Of The Largest Zoos In The World
By: Alex Murphy – CC BY 2.0

Location: Berlin, Germany
Animals Species: 1,500 species with 17,000 animals
Land Area: 84 acres

The most visited zoo within Europe, the Berlin Zoo was established in 1844. Its popularity leads to roughly 3 million visits per year, most of them coming to see local animal celebrities; like Bao Bao the giant panda.

Aside from housing thousands of animals, the Berlin Zoological Garden also participates in the protection of endangered species and the reintroduction of animals in the wild. Their breeding programs have also been largely successful.

The best facet of this zoo is their aquarium, which is especially constructed to replicate the natural underwater environment.

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