Most Annoying Habits of Passengers

Most Annoying Habits Of Passengers
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Sometimes the behaviours and habits of fellow passengers can drive you crazy. According to a recent survey, a number of flight attendants often get infuriated by guests who stuff excess luggage in the overhead lockers. There is also the case that a number of passengers get up and walk around even when the seatbelt sign is on.

These small common habits of passengers make the flight attendant’s job difficult, but it also seems that these habits greatly annoy other passengers as well (which isn’t the best when you are stuck in a vacuum sealed metal tube flying over 32,000 feet).

Here is a list of most annoying habits of passengers on planes.


Parents with young and unmanageable children often find it hard to deal with other passengers during air travel. Kids are known to kick the seat backs of other passengers. Like-wise, kids can also cry and make noise during sleep hours (sleeping on a plane is a skill in itself). Parents who don’t control their children should pay extra attention to this issue. As you are travelling with many others on the flight, you need to carefully manage and monitor your kids so they don’t inconvenience others on the plane. With that said, many Asian airlines now have quiet zones on their planes, where kids aren’t permitted to sit.

Sneezing and coughing

This can be the next most annoying habit of passengers. Within the enclosed aeroplane, many passengers do in fact mind if you sneeze or cough without covering up. This is a simple etiquette that any passenger needs to follow while on a flight. In case you have a cold or cough, consider carrying tissues and any medicines with you.

Seat choices

Although most airlines now offer seat choices while buying tickets online, many passengers do this while checking in. In case they don’t get a suitable seat, they often ask flight attendants to change seats while on-board. As per a survey, 57 per cent of passengers often choose an aisle seat, while 43 per cent opt for the window seat. This leaves the dreaded middle seat option only for those who didn’t choose their seat earlier.

Generally, most of the travellers who take the middle seat have the maximum complaints about air travel. Such complaints can be due to uncomfortable seats or because of being seated next to a loud passenger. It can be also due to the fellow passenger who unknowingly blocks the path.

Calling flight attendants for no reasons

It can be the that that a number of passengers keep asking flight attendants over for trivial things; like adjusting an AC vent, seat inconvenience, the time left to reach the destination and so on. Some passengers just do it for fun and others out of ignorance. An airline insider’s survey has mentioned that approximately 20 percent of passengers call flight attendants for no reason.

The survey also showed 13 percent of passengers get up from their seat before the fasten seat belt light goes off, 11 percent stuff too many bags into the overhead locker, and approximately 7 percent of passengers stuff rubbish in the seat pocket.

These habits not only annoy other passengers, but also make the task of flight attendants more difficult.

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