Top 10 Latest Travel Trends of 2013

Top 10 Latest Travel Trends Of 20131. Cruising

More Australians are choosing to spend their vacations on a cruise with expenditure in the industry continuing to rise with an estimated increase of 48.1% in 2011-2012 with further growth anticipated for 2013.

2. International Travel

Overseas travel has been increasing and with the strength of the Australian dollar, it will continue to grow. Recent natural disasters; such as the 2011 Queensland floods and 2011 Victoria Floods, are another reason international travel is being predicted to surpass domestic travel growth.

3. Changing Air Fares

The price of airfares will continue to change with the recent acquisition of Tiger by Virgin (they purchased 60% in October of 2012) and may lead to greater competition, but what you pay will also depend on when and where you intend to fly.

4. Early bookings

Australians are becoming savvy when it comes to booking their trips in advance to take advantage of cheaper flights, according to a recent survey by

5. Hawaii

Australians have proved their love for the state of Hawaii as a cheap but high quality holiday destination, with trips by Australians to the US islands increasing in 2012 and will continue to increase this year according to Hawaii Tourism figures.

6. Myanmar

With a lift in travel sanctions, Myanmar (formerly Burma) has become an increasingly popular destination with tourism hitting the 1 million mark in 2012. The country has some great trails for backpackers and packaged holidays arrived for the first time in 2012. It is now fast becoming one of the world’s top travel destinations, with Yangon (the former capital and gateway to the country) being the fastest growing hotel market in the world.

7. Food Tourism

Culinary tourism is growing with tours like Whole Journeys, purely focusing on this phenomenon. People are now travelling to sample the culinary delights of their chosen destination, with an increase in countries offering wine tours, cooking classes and food tours and other local experiences.

8. China Strategy

China is now the biggest market when it comes to tourism revenue for many countries; including Australia and it has now become a part of the Tourism 2020 strategy to boost overseas tourism in Australia.

9. Travel at Your Fingertips

There are now lots of great travel Apps; including maps, transport guides and photo Apps that are at your fingertips when travelling and are becoming increasingly popular with travellers on the move.

10. Adventure Travel

There is an increase in people looking for real adventure on their holiday, with travel companies offering more thrill seeking experiences and opportunities. The Adventure Tourism Development Index report 2011 tour operators are continuing to expand their itineraries to include more remote destinations.

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