Top 5 of the Most Useless Travel Inventions

Top 5 Of The Most Useless Travel Inventions
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A smooth, comfortable, and a fun-packed holiday are what avid travellers usually strive for. With this, certain products (supposedly designed for convenient and hassle-free travel) have ballooned out of nowhere and are packaged to appear like new revolutionary products. But wouldn’t you know it, most of them come filled with false promises and unpunished marketing fraud.

As travelling has progressed over the years (and technology along with it), several inventions have come into existence; like the Walk-man to the iPod, or the reusable to the disposable. Today, devices have been made to cater for the most quirky qualms of some person’s almost exclusive travel blues.

Quite frankly, not all of these ‘fresh’, ‘intelligently crafted’, and ‘ground-breaking’ inventions can be of sufficient use. Most of these are essentially void of efficiency and practicability, and are not worthy of your sweat, tears and hard earned dollars.

To ensure you don’t go out and blow money in preparation for you next holiday, here is a list of what to ignore next time you go shopping.

Stash Card

This travel gadget will make you believe that it is practical to keep everything you need in one container.

Stash cards look like a memory card that allows you to hide your valuables, like keys and cash, in the available card slots of your laptop. If you buy it for the purpose of escaping the possibility of having these important things stolen (which is exactly its purpose), then you are just giving thieves a freebie when they steal your laptop. It’s truly a waste of money.

Chamois Towel

After taking a refreshing shower, we all need to dry ourselves before heading out for the day. Using a chamois towel and expecting it to help you is absurdity. This synthetic material needs to be moist to function and it would leave you with nothing but still feeling wet.

Compression Bags

By using compression bags, you will surely be surprised by how much space you can save in your luggage. The only problem is that after you open it, you will realise> that the clothes are completely un-wearable because of the excess wrinkles. It is more truly effective if you roll your clothes than folding it.


A urinelle looks like an ice cream cone but this time it’s not for the usual sweet tasting frozen treat. It was created for women to pee without the hassle of squatting.

Not only can’t I imagine a situation where a woman not be able to squat, but surely being extremely weird looking would outweigh the benefits of joining us males standing up? Aside from useless, it’s just another waste of money!

Wearable Sleeping Bag

Sleeping with foam completely surrounding your body is not only really funny and awkward but also apparently of no use. Nothing beats the convenience of lying down or sleeping in a conventional sleeping bag or perhaps, a normal bed.

Is there anything you have regretted buying? What other travel gimmicks have you seen around? Let us know in the comments below!

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